Working for an HVAC Contractor

At this point in time I am the bottom man on the ladder, so they have me running errands and doing that sort of stuff while I pick up the stuff that I need to know in order to be useful. This is a place which goes out and tries to get really big hvac service contracts in Manhattan NY. They do all sorts of stuff like that and of course it generates all sorts of paperwork. So they need a big administrative staff and they have to have people to answer the phone and send some guy to fix any problems that come up. It is pretty much what they want to have me do, after I figure out more about what is going on. That is not going to happen over the course of a couple of weeks, but it should happen over the course of time if I stick with the job long enough.

We do have a big problem because this place is not at all convenient to where I am living right now. That is not something that will probably be a huge problem in the future, since I am pretty much tired of this apartment. The place is full of people who seem to make it their goal in life to be obnoxious. You can not get to sleep on a week night without one of them starting some very loud nonsense. It is not like I care about it on the weekends that much, but during the week I have to get out of bed at half past six in the morning. So that means that I need to get in bed before three in the morning. The other night there was some guy firing a gun out of his window, but he is not going to be around for awhile.