We Needed to Get the Customers Back

When I took over the management of a shopping complex, I was surprised at just how poorly managed it was. I knew that there were problems, otherwise, I would not have been offered the job I now have. Sales were down, and shop owners were frustrated and talking about relocating to a shopping complex that was managed better. I immediately had some great ideas, and my vision convinced the shop owners to stick around until some were implemented. The first thing I did was contact a mobile apps developer I had worked with in the past at other jobs.

I knew that one of the reasons this particular complex was failing was because it had not kept up with the times. I knew that just about everyone had a smartphone, and just about everyone relied upon apps to make their days easier. I knew that if we had a digital map on an app that showed what stores were here at the complex as well as their hours, where they are located, and any specials they may be running, that we would probably get a good chunk of customers back just because of the convenience of such an app.

I talked with all the owners of the various stores, and they were all on board. They just wanted something done that would attract the traffic back to their stores, and I could not blame them one bit. I talked to the app development team to find out what I would need to do to get this app project started. It was easy to gather everything that was necessary since everyone involved was on board, which meant the app was able to get developed much quicker. It has been available to the public for a couple of months now, and it has been heavily advertised. The bottom line for all our store owners is improving, so the app is working!