The Project is Nearly Finished Now

We are not really sure what we are going to do next, the boss has not said much. He has been talking about getting some work at the New Futura in Singapore, which is a really big project there. They are going to eventually build a number of high rise buildings there all of them more or less the same as the other. One of them is already complete and they are renting out condos, but they are just getting started on the other towers. Of course if you have not ever been to Singapore then you probably might not understand the way things are in this place. It is an island and not a very big one, and there are a whole lot of people stacked on top of one another in a very small place. Since they are not making more land that means the only thing to do is to build upward towards the clouds. If you work in my business then that is a good thing, there is always steel to hang in this city.

In theory there are buildings in this city where you could stay indoors almost indefinitely. One of my bosses lives in one like that. There are residential levels up on the upper floors. Then on other floors there is a lot of retail space and there are about a dozen or so restaurants. That sort of makes sense when you think about the number of people living in the upper floors. I think this is a 22 story building and so there are probably several hundred units with a single family in most of them. Those people are going to want take out food quite often and it is obviously very convenient for them to pick it up on the way to the elevator.