Texas is Where My Home is

When someone asks me how I ended up in Lewisville when I lived in New York City for the majority of my adult life, I usually tell them I got bored and hopped in my car one day. Lewisville is where I ended up, and I fell in love with the town. I do end up telling them the truth, but I think my fanciful version is much more interesting! What really happened is my father was diagnosed with cancer. I started looking at Lewisville TX luxury apartments within a week of his diagnosis because I realized that I just wanted to be closer to him and my mom.

I know they would have let me stay with them, but I am just too independent for that. I wanted to be closer to them, but not so close that I just had to leave my bedroom to say hi to them. Living a few miles from them is a lot better than living 1,600 miles away. I found a really nice one bedroom apartment at the Bluffs at Vista Ridge complex, and I can be in their living room in no time now.

I absolutely love my apartment too. It has so much to offer me not only inside the apartment itself but on the property grounds too. I have never heard of an apartment complex that offers a free gift wrapping station, and that is just one of so many amenities here. I think I was just ready for a change, and there is nothing better than coming back home. I take advantage of everything that is offered too, and my dad even comes over now to go swimming a few times a week. He is in remission now, but I have no plans of leaving. Family is the only thing that truly matters, which is why I am staying put.