Started Looking for a New Place to Stay

The landlord is officially kicking us out of the house at the first day of the month of May and so all of us have to find a new place to live. Of course I moved in here after my freshman year and the guys who were there before me told me that it was temporary until the guy who owned the place was able to start renovating the place. Now I have been out of school for about a year and a half. None of the guys who were here before me are here now. This is the website of the place I am looking at right now. It looks pretty boring to be honest, which is easy to believe.

This place is a dump, but you can not say it was not a lot of fun. The place is huge, at one point it belonged to a frat and it is really great for having parties. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, then you should probably try one of those apartments like the ones on that web page, so long as you do not have neighbors like us at least. Of course the truth is that I was a bit tired of it all. I was saving up some money to see what it would take to live on my own. So I am looking at one bedroom places, although it would be a lot better for me if Cheryl Lynn decided that she wanted to move in with and pay a part of the rent. I had not idea how good of a deal I was getting on that place, although I know that I was not going to willingly walk away from it. We had seven guys splitting the rent and expenses at that place.