An Older Woman’s Pregnancy Experience

I was very shocked to discover at the age of 40 that I was pregnant. I was told repeatedly that it was not something that I would ever experience without assistance and I had accepted that fact and moved on. Subsequently, when I was feeling off color over Christmas in 2010 I did not give it a lot of thought and put it down to minor gastro flu or some such thing.

There was no full blown vomitting or morning sickness, just a feeling of low-grade nausea that couldn’t be attributed to anything. I don’t really know why I decided to do a preganancy test on January 2 – maybe deep down I already knew but sure enough, 5 minutes later I was looking at 2 blue lines.

The feeling of shock was profound. I immediately told my husband and mother and the shock was quickly followed by fear. Continue reading An Older Woman’s Pregnancy Experience