Getting Ready to Start Grad School

It took me a little while to get ready for this, because I needed to have some money in my pocket and I needed to find a teaching assistant’s job. Of course the rest of it has fallen into place pretty well. I found another grad student who needed a roommate, obviously because that saves you about two fifths of what a single bedroom apartment would cost. We decided on these pretty nice apartments in Rio Rancho NM, he convinced me of this by showing me the swimming pool there on a Saturday afternoon. There were a lot of pretty college girls there and he introduced me to a couple that he knew. Of course since it is winter and I just came from West Virginia I was as pale as a ghost. I have gotten over that pretty quickly, although I sort of overdid it at first. That is really easy here. They say that it is cool here this time of the year, but so far I have not noticed. Continue reading Getting Ready to Start Grad School

The Nicest Apartment I’ve Ever Had

The luxury apartments in Stone Oak are really nice. I thought that it would be too expensive for me to live at such a nice apartment complex,so I was happy to see that it was definitely within my budget for living expenses. I only needed a one bedroom apartment, and I did not need a big one at that. I was able to choose the smallest one, and it still had more room than what I am used to in an apartment. There is a nice porch that I can use that is private, and all the living space is upstairs.

The living room is massive in size. My last one was 10 feet by 9 feet, and this one is 16 feet by 12 feet, so the size difference is really nice. The bedroom is also larger by several feet. There is a very large walk in closet too. I have a lot of clothes and shoes, and they don’t even fill up the entire closet. The single bath is right off my bedroom. Continue reading The Nicest Apartment I’ve Ever Had

Working for an HVAC Contractor

At this point in time I am the bottom man on the ladder, so they have me running errands and doing that sort of stuff while I pick up the stuff that I need to know in order to be useful. This is a place which goes out and tries to get really big hvac service contracts in Manhattan NY. They do all sorts of stuff like that and of course it generates all sorts of paperwork. So they need a big administrative staff and they have to have people to answer the phone and send some guy to fix any problems that come up. It is pretty much what they want to have me do, after I figure out more about what is going on. Continue reading Working for an HVAC Contractor

Have to Get a New Roof on the Warehouse

The winter was really quite severe this year and the boss is talking about the damage that was done to our storage facility. We have the office building, a shop which is used to hold the machinery that we need and a garage like structure where we store stuff that we have to take to job sites. The main reason we use it is because this is the sort of stuff that thieves would be quick to target. However it is going to be necessary to find some company that does roof replacement in Brooklyn NY. Continue reading Have to Get a New Roof on the Warehouse

Started Looking for a New Place to Stay

The landlord is officially kicking us out of the house at the first day of the month of May and so all of us have to find a new place to live. Of course I moved in here after my freshman year and the guys who were there before me told me that it was temporary until the guy who owned the place was able to start renovating the place. Now I have been out of school for about a year and a half. None of the guys who were here before me are here now. This is the website of the place I am looking at right now. It looks pretty boring to be honest, which is easy to believe.

This place is a dump, but you can not say it was not a lot of fun. The place is huge, at one point it belonged to a frat and it is really great for having parties. Continue reading Started Looking for a New Place to Stay

Healing My Skin with Organic Skin Care in Singapore

My skin is very dry. It will even crack open. Sometimes there is a little blood but it always hurts. To prevent it I was looking at some of the more advanced lotions available over the counter. I saw nothing but chemicals in the lotions. There was not much of anything that was naturally derived. Also, I wondered about seeing chemicals such as alcohol in lotions since alcohol dries things. Why would I want a solvent on my skin that would strip away lipids. I then began to look into organic skin care in Singapore that I could order. I found a place that has a plethora of natural and organically sourced hygiene and care products. Continue reading Healing My Skin with Organic Skin Care in Singapore

Best Cheap Storage Units Around

I have found myself in a spot of trouble in that I have a new place to live and yet at the same time, my new place to live is not actually big enough in order to house all of the stuff that I had in my previous residence. So that means I am going to have to find a place to put the rest of the stuff, and I think that relying on self storage might be my only option at this point. If that is the case, then I want to make sure that I get the best deal possible on a storage unit and that I do not spend too much money on a monthly basis in order to be able to store the stuff.

It is quite an inconvenience to have to do this at all, but I guess it is just something that needs to be done, as I do not really want to get rid of anything either. If I could get rid of some of my stuff, then I wouldn’t have the problem. But all of it means a good deal to me. Well, all of the stuff that I deem worthy of putting in a storage unit anyway.

I have gotten rid of a few things, even though I did not really want to do so. I just determined that I did not need them enough to make it necessary to keep them in my possession. But that was hard to figure out. Anyway, I am pretty excited about my new apartment, outside of the fact that it is not quite big enough for all of my belongings. I do think that it is going to be a nice place to live, and I am going to have to start moving in sometime next week.

Replacement Load Cells for Factory

I am in charge of ordering replacement parts and such at the factory where I work. Well I am actually in charge of the cheap load cell cable replacements for a factory warehouse. I am actually just in charge of ordering for the factory warehouse, someone else does the ordering for the actual factory, but that is kind of beside the point. Anyway, what I need to do is to look into ordering load cells for the warehouse’s scales, because the current ones are broken, and not only do we need to have some to replace the ones that are broken, we also need to have a couple backups to put into the inventory, so that we will not run into this problem again in the future.

I have not been working my position for that long, but, if I had been here longer, then I probably would have realized that we were in need of new load cells. I guess I am still learning the ropes of job. But in any case, I am going to definitely need to order them today, because we need them as soon as possible. It is quite hard to get anything done without the scales working, because we need to weigh everything that goes into the warehouse for inventory purposes. So you can see that it definitely messes up our system we do not have working scales. We have one set of scales that is still operational, but it does not work over the same range of weights that the broken one does, and so we are not able to do everything that we would normally do. It is a problem and my boss is on my butt about it, but I am going to try to get it taken care of right now, so that I can rest easy and not worry about getting chewed out.

I Am Looking Forward to Christmas Shopping

I am planning on doing a lot of my Christmas shopping online this year. I always avoided that in the past because even if I did find a good deal, the shipping would kill whatever savings I had managed to find. The reason why I have a different attitude about it this year is because of a site that I found that has a lot of Black Friday 2015 deals and tips on it. One of the tips was how to get free shipping on some of the deals I am going to be able to find on Black Friday. Continue reading I Am Looking Forward to Christmas Shopping

Bundle Deals from Virgin Hair

A couple of months ago, I cut my hair shorter than I really should have and that is unfortunate because I am really regretting it at the moment. I just cut it way too short, and looking back, I do not really know what I was thinking at the time. But it was clearly a bad decision on my part, and one that I won’t be able to fix soon. But I am going to buy some extensions with the my natural hair extensions that I see offered on this website. It looks like a really good deal and it has extensions that I think look very nice.

It is hard to know for sure how well they will actually look when I get them delivered to me. But from the picture on the website, they look fantastic. I hope that is how they will look once I get them. I will keep my fingers crossed on that matter. Either way, I need to buy some extensions, because I want to have longer hair and my hair grows really slow. Continue reading Bundle Deals from Virgin Hair

Recording and Documenting the Special Moments During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Rash PicturesWhen women find out that they are pregnant they become ecstatic and they wish to remember every part of their pregnancies. Being pregnant is a special time for a woman and feelings of nurturing and love for an unborn child grow throughout the entire pregnancy. Women can watch their bellies grow and they view sonograms that show their small infants inside of the womb. After a few months mothers will feel their babies kick and they will prepare for the birth of their child.

Because of the special nature of pregnancy, many women wish to journal and record the special moments so they can be looked at later. One of the best ways to document a pregnancy is to video tape special moments. A small video recorder can be used and these items are quite inexpensive. Digital recordings can be made by spouses and they can be downloaded on to computers. Moments that include the growth of the stomach, the decoration of nurseries, and the moment that the baby’s sex is found out should all be recorded. Special family moments and baby showers are great to have on film as well.

Some mothers like to record maternity moments by writing journal entries as well. Continue reading Recording and Documenting the Special Moments During Your Pregnancy

An Older Woman’s Pregnancy Experience

I was very shocked to discover at the age of 40 that I was pregnant. I was told repeatedly that it was not something that I would ever experience without assistance and I had accepted that fact and moved on. Subsequently, when I was feeling off color over Christmas in 2010 I did not give it a lot of thought and put it down to minor gastro flu or some such thing.

There was no full blown vomitting or morning sickness, just a feeling of low-grade nausea that couldn’t be attributed to anything. I don’t really know why I decided to do a preganancy test on January 2 – maybe deep down I already knew but sure enough, 5 minutes later I was looking at 2 blue lines.

The feeling of shock was profound. I immediately told my husband and mother and the shock was quickly followed by fear. Continue reading An Older Woman’s Pregnancy Experience