Atlanta Already Feels Like Home to Us

I wanted to find a nice apartment to live in, but I knew next to nothing about Atlanta. My husband was informed that he would be transferred there if he wanted to take advantage of a newly created position at his company’s headquarters, so it was a pretty hard offer to turn down. I saw a couple of ads that said to click here for the best apartments in the area, so I did. As it turned out, I really did find a great place for us to live.

The Encore is in the heart of the city, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Though it is just my husband and myself, I still wanted us to have two bedrooms. Continue reading Atlanta Already Feels Like Home to Us

Fun and Young City to Grow

I have been looking for a nice city to move to. I am in my thirties, recently divorced, and I wanted to go to a warm city in the south. I have lived through many cold winters and I knew that I wanted to move to a warmer climate. You get to a point in your life where you want a change and this was the biggest one I was going to start. I looked up apartments in San Antonio to see how much rent cost down in that area of Texas. I know that there are a lot of companies based in the city, along with a lot of younger people. There are military and research centers down in the city, so that means that there are a lot of younger people. This is nice for me when I want to go to a bar after work, or when I hit the gym, there are going to be a lot of people around my age.

I think that this is a good place to go and get a restart because most of the places that I will frequent will have people my age who are looking for new friends or people to find things in common with. When you find that you have things in common with people, you tend to gravitate towards one another. I know that there are several groups that get together from the looks of a local app. When you download it, you can find out the different things that people are doing together in large groups. Everything from wine tastings at different bars to having a group hike by the river, there is something for everyone. I think when you live in a city, this is one of the best things to look forward too, more people to connect with.

I Like Living Near the City

My mother, knowing that I wanted to move, suggested I look into apartments in Atlantic Station Atlanta GA. I was intrigued, not by the fact that I would be moving to another section of Atlanta, but that I might be able to move to an area that is close to the city but sort of outside of the hustle and bustle. If you’re not familiar with Atlanta, it’s been one of America’s fastest growing cities for quite some time now. That means you end up with all the problems of a rapidly growing city, including crime and increased traffic.

The traffic alone is a nightmare. In fact, it was a nightmare decades ago too. I’ve lived here a long time and don’t remember a time where it felt safe to drive on the busy streets in this town. Continue reading I Like Living Near the City

I Swapped Apartments with a Friend

It happens every year, my friend from childhood and all through school will come back from Georgia for a couple of weeks. His family used to live on the corner of the same street I lived on and he will come back to see his Mom. She lives in a condo which is not more than a couple of miles from my apartment. At any rate this year he and I worked out a swap and I really came out on the best end of it. If you click here you can see the place where he lives. In fact I am down here to see the sights in Atlanta with my girlfriend. So far we have gone to see two Braves games, the new SunTrust park is really close to this place and that is a good thing since you would have a devil of a time getting out of the game if you were driving. Continue reading I Swapped Apartments with a Friend

I Am Moving to the Other Side of Dallas

Of course I liked this place a ton when I was in college. The reason was pretty simple, it is a big house which was large enough for five guys to live in. That is only a great thing when you are dividing the rent five ways, which basically meant that I was paying about one third of what it would cost me to live by myself. However now I am going to look for an apartment in North Dallas, because that is where I am working right now. It is not really possible for me to commute all of the way across the city since I have to be at the office really early in the morning. Continue reading I Am Moving to the Other Side of Dallas

Their Wifi is the Best I’ve Used

The best thing about looking for luxury apartments for South Charlotte is getting away from a place where the wireless amenities are next to worthless. I cannot fathom how, in this day and age, so many apartment facilities have horrible wifi. It is absolutely ridiculous and frankly it is unacceptable when they keep raising the rent while not improving the service. I’ve fought epic battles with landlords over cruddy internet services in several places. The end result usually saw me leaving for greener pastures. I simply refuse to put up with it. I can deal with noisy neighbors, but not bad internet.

Why is it so important to me? Because I work from home. I do all of my work over the internet and it is imperative that the service work well. I can’t deal with lengthy outages, slow connection times, and all the other problems one associates with poor online services. Continue reading Their Wifi is the Best I’ve Used

First High School Kid I Have Seen in a Long Time Who Really Has Pro Football Abilities

I have heard plenty of moms and dads tell me how their kids were going to be the next NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL stars. I have heard them tell me how their kids could catch, throw, hit, skate or other stuff at a phenomenal level. Then I would see the kids play. Sure, they were good. Maybe they even have some potential to go pro. However, every once in a while you see a kid who really is that good. I saw it in a high school football player. I recommended a Denver personal trainer to the parents of the kid. They are my neighbors, and I have watched that boy play football from the time he was learning how to run. Continue reading First High School Kid I Have Seen in a Long Time Who Really Has Pro Football Abilities

Finding an Apartment in Revere, MA for Young Professional

My brother just graduated from law school and landed a job in Boston. With limited time until his new job started he enlisted my help in finding his first apartment as a full-fledged adult. I narrowed the search down to an easy commute to his place of work and then began looking for apartments for Revere MA new professionals. Especially apartment complexes with garages to house his first brand new car, a graduation gift to himself.

My brother had spent much of his time in college and law school living with a variety of roommates, in a variety of dorms, fraternity housing and other shared living accommodations. Continue reading Finding an Apartment in Revere, MA for Young Professional

I Found a New Place to Live

In fact I was living in Hermitage, but the people in that apartment complex were really off the hook. They liked to party a bit too much. I did not mind it when they wanted to do it on the weekends. It is not like I never pop the top on a cold one myself and when I was younger I did my fair share of partying every night of the week. However I had to move and find a nice two bedroom apartments for rent in Antioch TN. This place is about perfect for where I am working right now and Jesse likes it because her folks live in Antioch, they got them a place right on Percy Priest. Continue reading I Found a New Place to Live

Getting Ready to Start Grad School

It took me a little while to get ready for this, because I needed to have some money in my pocket and I needed to find a teaching assistant’s job. Of course the rest of it has fallen into place pretty well. I found another grad student who needed a roommate, obviously because that saves you about two fifths of what a single bedroom apartment would cost. We decided on these pretty nice apartments in Rio Rancho NM, he convinced me of this by showing me the swimming pool there on a Saturday afternoon. There were a lot of pretty college girls there and he introduced me to a couple that he knew. Of course since it is winter and I just came from West Virginia I was as pale as a ghost. I have gotten over that pretty quickly, although I sort of overdid it at first. That is really easy here. They say that it is cool here this time of the year, but so far I have not noticed. Continue reading Getting Ready to Start Grad School

The Nicest Apartment I’ve Ever Had

The luxury apartments in Stone Oak are really nice. I thought that it would be too expensive for me to live at such a nice apartment complex,so I was happy to see that it was definitely within my budget for living expenses. I only needed a one bedroom apartment, and I did not need a big one at that. I was able to choose the smallest one, and it still had more room than what I am used to in an apartment. There is a nice porch that I can use that is private, and all the living space is upstairs.

The living room is massive in size. My last one was 10 feet by 9 feet, and this one is 16 feet by 12 feet, so the size difference is really nice. The bedroom is also larger by several feet. There is a very large walk in closet too. I have a lot of clothes and shoes, and they don’t even fill up the entire closet. The single bath is right off my bedroom. Continue reading The Nicest Apartment I’ve Ever Had

Working for an HVAC Contractor

At this point in time I am the bottom man on the ladder, so they have me running errands and doing that sort of stuff while I pick up the stuff that I need to know in order to be useful. This is a place which goes out and tries to get really big hvac service contracts in Manhattan NY. They do all sorts of stuff like that and of course it generates all sorts of paperwork. So they need a big administrative staff and they have to have people to answer the phone and send some guy to fix any problems that come up. It is pretty much what they want to have me do, after I figure out more about what is going on. Continue reading Working for an HVAC Contractor

Have to Get a New Roof on the Warehouse

The winter was really quite severe this year and the boss is talking about the damage that was done to our storage facility. We have the office building, a shop which is used to hold the machinery that we need and a garage like structure where we store stuff that we have to take to job sites. The main reason we use it is because this is the sort of stuff that thieves would be quick to target. However it is going to be necessary to find some company that does roof replacement in Brooklyn NY. Continue reading Have to Get a New Roof on the Warehouse

Started Looking for a New Place to Stay

The landlord is officially kicking us out of the house at the first day of the month of May and so all of us have to find a new place to live. Of course I moved in here after my freshman year and the guys who were there before me told me that it was temporary until the guy who owned the place was able to start renovating the place. Now I have been out of school for about a year and a half. None of the guys who were here before me are here now. This is the website of the place I am looking at right now. It looks pretty boring to be honest, which is easy to believe.

This place is a dump, but you can not say it was not a lot of fun. The place is huge, at one point it belonged to a frat and it is really great for having parties. Continue reading Started Looking for a New Place to Stay

Healing My Skin with Organic Skin Care in Singapore

My skin is very dry. It will even crack open. Sometimes there is a little blood but it always hurts. To prevent it I was looking at some of the more advanced lotions available over the counter. I saw nothing but chemicals in the lotions. There was not much of anything that was naturally derived. Also, I wondered about seeing chemicals such as alcohol in lotions since alcohol dries things. Why would I want a solvent on my skin that would strip away lipids. I then began to look into organic skin care in Singapore that I could order. I found a place that has a plethora of natural and organically sourced hygiene and care products. Continue reading Healing My Skin with Organic Skin Care in Singapore