My Husband Was Right About Moving to This State

I’d never been to Florida, but my husband kept telling me that I would love it there. He had visited once when he was a teenager. There was nothing I could really do about it because we had no choice if my husband wanted to keep the promotion he’d just been given, which was to come about with a move there. We started looking for apartments in Tampa FL one weekend when we flew out, and I have to say, I really did like the area! I never expected to feel at home there, but I did.

Ive been around mountains all my life. So, I had never been to the beach, and I really didn’t know what it would be like to live in any area of the country where it’s pretty flat. But in Florida, there are so many other nice things about the landscape and the weather that I am learning about. For instance, it rains a little bit almost every day. Often, the rain starts and is over with in only 30 minutes or so. Everything is so green! I love all the tropical flowers here, too.

Before we went looking for apartments, my hubby and I went to the beach. We had a blast! I looked for seashells and loved the feeling of the sun on my shoulders and my feet in the sand. My husband had a great time swimming in the ocean. That trip to the ocean sold me. Now, we have a place of our own here, and we can come to the beach any time we want to. It’s really nice and i feel like I’m vacation all the time. My parents will come visit us soon, and I have friends who want to do the very same thing. I can’t wait to see everyone soon.