My Apartment Has Never Been Cleaner

I needed spring cleaning in Singapore in the worst way imaginable recently due to the fact that my parents had decided to fly in from the States for an unexpected visit. I’m a single guy working away in the financial industry here, so you can imagine what my apartment looks like. I actually don’t spend a lot of time in the apartment because I’m either working long hours at the financial firm or spending time with my girlfriend at her place. In the nine months I’ve lived in this apartment, I doubt I’ve seriously cleaned it even a single time.

My girlfriend, who loved the idea of meeting my parents, offered to help me clean the place up. She’s only been over the apartment a few times and didn’t remember it being all that bad. That was months ago, however, and she took one look at it after walking through the door and immediately said we needed to find a professional service who could perform a good spring cleaning. It’s more like performing a miracle because it really needed a lot of work. With the clock ticking on my parents arriving, we went online to see if we could find someone to perform that miracle.

We went with a good firm with a proven track record of cleaning up messy abodes. There were some things they wouldn’t touch, which wasn’t a big thing as that’s how most of them work, but what they did do looked good to us. While my girlfriend and I tackled some of the tougher problems, the cleaning crew breezed through the various rooms and really did an excellent job. They actually finished all of their tasks before we did! The place looks better than it did before I moved in and I’m feeling pretty good about my parents thinking I’m not a total slob!