Jenna’s Dog is Finally Gone

Of course this is not just a dog to her, she has had it since she was a little girl and the two of them have always been nearly inseparable. She says her last boyfriend was jealous of the dog, but I never even thought it. I have had lots of dogs and been attached to nearly all of them. Now she is looking at a monuments dealer in Essex county NJ and she is talking about burying Rip out in the back yard in his favorite place to lay about. I have nothing against the theory, but this sort of makes it really difficult if you ever get the urge to find a new place to live. The next buyer is not exactly going to want to have a house with a dog’s gravestone in the back yard and it would be something quite strange to dig up a dead dog so that you could take it with you.

In the end we are going to do what she wants, but it got me thinking about how you would move the remains of a dog if that were to become necessary. I thought about how to do it and figured out that the easiest way would be to use a plastic barrel as a coffin. I went looking around a catalog at work, because I knew this place would sell something which would be of value. Obviously that does not mean that Jenna is going to want to put Rip in something like that, but a box would be no better in truth. You really have to be thinking about a lot of strange things when you go down this sort of rabbit hole. If we never move from here then all of it is a moot point and I would have wasted my time and money.