I Visited Some Really Nice Apartments

I went to look around today for a new place to stay and I found this place that was really awesome, called the Grand Terrace at something which I can not recall. The website is here if you want to check the place out, but of course the problem is that it is way too awesome for my budget. At least I would not be able to do it if I wanted to live alone, which is pretty much the plan I went into it with. Obviously that is a lot simpler and picking a good roommate is a whole lot harder than you would assume if you had not ever done it before. You have to think about the main thing which is getting a person who is going to do the most important thing that you need from a roommate, pay their half of the cost when it is due. Not six weeks late either, and certainly not vanish in the middle of the night owing you money when the rent is due.

Then you need a person who is compatible with you. I could not deal with a smoker for example. They stink up everything and then there is the part where they could accidentally give you fifteen or twenty fatal diseases if you are just not lucky. I would not care if they drank, but obviously they do not need to be drinking my beer or my liquor. I would not care as much about the liquor perhaps. I keep one bottle around usually and I hardly ever touch the stuff unless I am sick or I need to sleep. One shot of it will make me feel better long enough to get to sleep, so I more or less use it as a medicine. My beer needs to stay where I put it.