I Swapped Apartments with a Friend

It happens every year, my friend from childhood and all through school will come back from Georgia for a couple of weeks. His family used to live on the corner of the same street I lived on and he will come back to see his Mom. She lives in a condo which is not more than a couple of miles from my apartment. At any rate this year he and I worked out a swap and I really came out on the best end of it. If you click here you can see the place where he lives. In fact I am down here to see the sights in Atlanta with my girlfriend. So far we have gone to see two Braves games, the new SunTrust park is really close to this place and that is a good thing since you would have a devil of a time getting out of the game if you were driving. In fact I drank quite a few beers at the game because I am going to walk back from the game.

We are going to go to aquarium tomorrow and from what I have heard it that will require a good deal of time. In fact I have been told that you need to have a game plan or else you can not really see all of the stuff you want to do. That is not something I would do while I am on a vacation. That seems like a strange way to do a vacation, but it may be a good idea in fact if you think about it. In truth I am not going to plan, but I am going to have a look at the floorplan and figure out how to get to the stuff that she wants to see most.