I Need a Change in Location

I am checking out this new place called Renew at the shops today because I need a change in my living space. I was happy with the location of this place when I moved here, aside from that I never really loved the place too much. Of course the rent is relatively low, but there are a ton of problems with the place. It is not a good neighborhood for one thing and then there is the fact that the parking lot is very poorly lit. If you go out on the balcony late at night you can some times see people scurrying around in the darkness. Of course I got a car alarm on my pick up truck, which has about a thousand dollars worth of tools behind the seat in the cab. It sometimes will go off if someone just gets near it, but people are breaking into cars out there all of the time. They get caught pretty often, there is a guy who has a really bright light and he will shine it on them some of the time just to watch them scurry away. I never did that, but I would yell at them and call the police.

At any rate this sort of thing gets old in a really big hurry and so I am done with this place. I just need to figure out what I want to do. I do have some money saved up and if I were to find a really small house that needed a bit of work, then maybe it would be enough for a down payment. I would most likely have to save up some more money however. Whatever I chose is likely going to be a good bit closer to work. I am a huge fan of my snooze button and laying in bed as long as it is possible in the morning, so the time from home to work matters a lot.