I Like Living Near the City

My mother, knowing that I wanted to move, suggested I look into apartments in Atlantic Station Atlanta GA. I was intrigued, not by the fact that I would be moving to another section of Atlanta, but that I might be able to move to an area that is close to the city but sort of outside of the hustle and bustle. If you’re not familiar with Atlanta, it’s been one of America’s fastest growing cities for quite some time now. That means you end up with all the problems of a rapidly growing city, including crime and increased traffic.

The traffic alone is a nightmare. In fact, it was a nightmare decades ago too. I’ve lived here a long time and don’t remember a time where it felt safe to drive on the busy streets in this town. Some of the side streets aren’t bad, but once you hit the freeways or the interstate it quickly feels like you’re an extra in a Mad Max film. I wanted to get away from that, entirely if possible, and I suspected that moving to a new apartment in Atlantic Station might just help. Another reason to investigate the complex was due to it being close to work.

I went over for a visit and found the floor plans very amenable. Most of the apartments I’ve lived in here tend to be older places that tend to have the same floor plans for all the units. This wasn’t that case here and I definitely noticed. It also became quickly apparent that this was a complex run by a management team that cares about its tenants and the property. Everything looked as neat as a pin and all of the appliances and furnishings seemed modern and well maintained. It’s going to be nice to move in.