I Had Acne Issues As an Adult

When I was younger, my friends in school used to tell me how lucky I was. Most kids do have some type of skin condition, with most of them being very mild. My best friend had acne, but it was so minor that you couldn’t even tell for the most part. However, it was like a glaring neon sign to her. Seeing her reaction, I did feel very fortunate. All of that changed when I was in my early 20s. I ended up seeing aesthetic doctors in Singapore because of the acne scars that plagued me for nearly a year then.

I did not change anything in my life such as how I ate or how much I exercised. I did have some stressful things occur though, and my skin started breaking out with small pockets of acne at first. It got pretty bad though, and I knew that I needed professional help. I had tried over the counter creams, but none of them were working out too well for me. I knew from just seeing some kids in my younger years that if I did not get a hold of this, it was going to leave some very unattractive scars for me too.

That is why I wanted to go to a professional aesthetic clinic, which was easy enough to find. I was just glad that it is only about 25 minutes from me, because I would have been willing to travel a lot further if it meant getting my clear complexion back. I ended up having laser treatments and then filler injections, and there is absolutely no evidence that I had any acne issues at all now. I would have rather went through as a child, but I am glad that I had the resources as an adult to get a hold of it before it got really bad.