I Got a New Job in Vegas

I wanted to find something new and exciting, but this is sort of different. Of course the job revolves around the fact that I am big and it is not very hard for me to look like a tough guy. I guess that I have the sort of face for it, but you rarely see any marketable value to that. I knew this girl already and one day she called me to get me to help her move. She was moving to these really nice apartments called the Palms at Peccole Ranch apartment homes and I did not really know how she could afford this. She told me how it was possible in a very unique way, she was working as an adult entertainer at bachelor parties and she was in need of someone exactly like me. There were in fact two beautiful girls that were living in this apartment and they were not really in a big hurry to hire me to do the job.

Of course I found out what had soured them on the first guy, he had been too volatile. The job goes like this. You are there to protect the girls, obviously from guys who have been drinking and might well do things which they would not do while sober. The other guy had blown his top and put some drunken fool in an ambulance, which is obviously not what you want. If that is necessary then you do it, but you do anything possible to avoid it. So far the job just involves me standing around and looking mean. I put my hand upon this one guy’s shoulder. I squeezed him just a little and he started to say something, but I smiled at him as though I would have been happy to do a bit more.