I Found a New Place to Live

In fact I was living in Hermitage, but the people in that apartment complex were really off the hook. They liked to party a bit too much. I did not mind it when they wanted to do it on the weekends. It is not like I never pop the top on a cold one myself and when I was younger I did my fair share of partying every night of the week. However I had to move and find a nice two bedroom apartments for rent in Antioch TN. This place is about perfect for where I am working right now and Jesse likes it because her folks live in Antioch, they got them a place right on Percy Priest. It is about three minutes to their place and I am thinking about getting my Dad’s john boat and leaving it there. They do not have a dock of their own, because they keep their boat at the Marina. It is close enough to walk, but instead they use a dinghy and when they take off in the boat they tie it up behind the boat. It is actually used like a little trailer some of the time.

Of course I can fish just fine with a john boat and my Dad has one that is pretty big. The only problem is if you get a lot of big boats making big wakes, but I can handle it fine and stay out of the way of other people. It would be nice if the apartment was even closer though, because I would fish off the bank and drink a 12 pack of beer if I could walk back to it when I got done. I definitely do not want to risk a DUI even on a three minutes drive like this.