I Am Settling in at School

It took me quite a bit of time and effort to find a place that I could afford near the campus, but I found this nice old lady who was willing to let me rent a room from her. She owns a building with about twenty apartments in it. At any rate she needed a little help so instead of paying rent I am doing some custodial type work and I am also doing jc physics tuition at the library after I finish my classes. That is actually going pretty well, although I did not know what to expect when I started at it. I was afraid that I would be really bad at it. My patience is very limited in fact and it is obvious that I would be having problems if not for a good draw when it comes to the pupils that I have. There are about half a dozen of them and all of them seem very keen to learn.

That really is the key to this if you wanted to ask me. Like they say you can lead a horse to water, but you can not make it drink. That is the size of it, but fortunately for me all of the students I have seem very eager to learn. In fact some of them seem to be very good students and merely want to make really great grades. One of them is only really interested in the mathematics and particularly the integral calculus that you need to learn for the classes that she is taking. In truth she is quite distracting. I would not be surprised if she told me that she was a model, the girl is really gorgeous and it is a chore for me to not get caught up in how attractive she is.