I Am Moving to the Other Side of Dallas

Of course I liked this place a ton when I was in college. The reason was pretty simple, it is a big house which was large enough for five guys to live in. That is only a great thing when you are dividing the rent five ways, which basically meant that I was paying about one third of what it would cost me to live by myself. However now I am going to look for an apartment in North Dallas, because that is where I am working right now. It is not really possible for me to commute all of the way across the city since I have to be at the office really early in the morning. I have to get the systems booted up and ready for all of the other people and some of the time I need to do some stuff that can not be done while the systems are in use. At any rate I have to get up before six in the morning, take a shower and eat before I drive to the office. That is if I am living there.

From down here on the wrong side of the city I would have to get up about half an hour earlier than that. Of course that means I am going to be spending an hour of each work day in my car. It is a long enough day for me without any of that, so I am going to get a new place. At the moment I have found a couple of places that I sort of like, but neither of them is really in my budget. I am thinking about how to find a roommate right now. That is a good way that you can save money, obviously. It should be about three fifths as much.