I Am Going Back to America

I am ready to go back to the states, right now I have been working with the landlord and doing the house cleaning for Singapore since I would really like to get the security deposit back before I go home. I have packed up all of my things and filled up a crate that I am going to ship to my mother’s place in Long Island. The rest of it is going to go to my new address in San Diego where the company wants me to relocate. I am going to have to be there right after Christmas, so I am going to go home and visit my parents. I have not seen them in almost three years and I want to do that while I have the chance. Of course they already have a bunch of the souvenirs that I have collected while I have been here.

The thing I really shall miss is not Singapore, even though I have had a lot of fun here and I have made a lot of friends. I really loved being able to go to Bali so easily. There is great surfing there and I got a lot of the tourist sights there. I got to go to the most famous resort in Thailand too, and I have been to Malaysia and even to Vietnam on business. It is a once in a lifetime experience, but this city is really congested and I get really stressed out by the fact that I can not get around the city without making my plans so far in advance. You really have to learn how long it takes to get to a place when you live in a city where all these people are packed into such a small island. The truth is I will miss the people and not the city.