Healing My Skin with Organic Skin Care in Singapore

My skin is very dry. It will even crack open. Sometimes there is a little blood but it always hurts. To prevent it I was looking at some of the more advanced lotions available over the counter. I saw nothing but chemicals in the lotions. There was not much of anything that was naturally derived. Also, I wondered about seeing chemicals such as alcohol in lotions since alcohol dries things. Why would I want a solvent on my skin that would strip away lipids. I then began to look into organic skin care in Singapore that I could order. I found a place that has a plethora of natural and organically sourced hygiene and care products.

I found a lotion that did not have an ingredient list full of chemical names that I could not understand. It had things in it that were organically sourced for the purpose of them being better for my skin. I threw out all of the items I purchased in stores and pharmacies that had all kinds of chemicals in them that did no good for my skin. I opted for organic skin care in Singapore to help me heal my skin without adding to the toxins it is exposed to every day. I even switched to an organic soap that is non-drying. And since it is the act of washing the hands more so than the use of antibiotic hand soaps to kill germs, I was okay with that. I stopped worrying about whether my organic soap was really getting my hands clean. There are many natural germ killing ingredients that do not have to be alcohol or phenol based.

Over time I also began using organic shampoo and conditioner as well as even organic toothpaste, deodorant and powders. My skin is in much better shape now. I no longer have those awful dry and cracked hands that were all red and scary looking.