Have to Get a New Roof on the Warehouse

The winter was really quite severe this year and the boss is talking about the damage that was done to our storage facility. We have the office building, a shop which is used to hold the machinery that we need and a garage like structure where we store stuff that we have to take to job sites. The main reason we use it is because this is the sort of stuff that thieves would be quick to target. However it is going to be necessary to find some company that does roof replacement in Brooklyn NY. It is going to be a really big job to replace it, mostly because we are going to have to find some place to keep all of the stuff in it. Of course I figure that I can take the bulldozer home with me and It is going to be fairly easy to just park it there when we need it. Then I can take it where it is needed in the morning. The other stuff is not going to be easily put away and you can not leave it there while they are working on the roof. Of course the roof is just not going to stand up to another heavy winter. You just can not have endless amounts of snow left on top of your roof. We had a series of about half a dozen heavy snowfalls one right after the other. You just have to fix it before you have more snow like that. There is obviously a limit to how much a roof can take. Ours has started to sag in one corner and we are pretty sure that this means that it is not going to get any better until we go find some person who can fix it.