First High School Kid I Have Seen in a Long Time Who Really Has Pro Football Abilities

I have heard plenty of moms and dads tell me how their kids were going to be the next NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL stars. I have heard them tell me how their kids could catch, throw, hit, skate or other stuff at a phenomenal level. Then I would see the kids play. Sure, they were good. Maybe they even have some potential to go pro. However, every once in a while you see a kid who really is that good. I saw it in a high school football player. I recommended a Denver personal trainer to the parents of the kid. They are my neighbors, and I have watched that boy play football from the time he was learning how to run.

He really likes the game, has a head for the history and the technical side of the game, and he has his head on straight. He is a winner academically as well as athletically. He just needs the next level in sports training to be recruited by colleges. Then the NFL is a very real possibility for him. We have talked about the differences between high school and college-level playing, and we have talked about the differences between NFL and college play. He already understands the different mindsets and other things off the actual fields that will give him a head start over other players. There are pros who go into the different levels of play without a clue of what they are up against.

His mind being right about the game is great. All he needs is help from the Denver personal trainer I told them about to get his body to get a little bit better. I have never seen a kid so ready for pro play as this kid. He knows the physical, mental and business sides of the game. He is the first pro level talent I have seen in a long time that treats the game like a job you need to perform at better than anyone else. Those NFL contract offers are just around the corner for him.