Finding an Apartment in Revere, MA for Young Professional

My brother just graduated from law school and landed a job in Boston. With limited time until his new job started he enlisted my help in finding his first apartment as a full-fledged adult. I narrowed the search down to an easy commute to his place of work and then began looking for apartments for Revere MA new professionals. Especially apartment complexes with garages to house his first brand new car, a graduation gift to himself.

My brother had spent much of his time in college and law school living with a variety of roommates, in a variety of dorms, fraternity housing and other shared living accommodations. At times, those living accommodations could barely be classified as shelters from the storm and living with a group of guys who weren’t necessarily the neatest bunch, I knew it was time that my brother finally lived completely on his own in a big boy apartment. He needed a place that would better suit his new job and be a bit more acceptable to visiting parents, friends and work colleagues. And yes, I was also hoping to have him in a place where I could visit and enjoy some east coast attractions myself.

My brother is a very social person and even though he knew he would be working some long hours, he still wanted to be in a place where he could easily meet new people and enjoy a bit of the nightlife. I knew an apartment would be his best bet, not only for the proximity to other people, but it was far too soon for him to consider purchasing real estate in any form when he was just starting out. Apartment living, eliminated the need to worry about everything except some nice furniture and not the curbside castaways he had been living with for the last seven years.