Don’t Be Afraid to Try a New Way of Doing Things

I applied for a job in North Carolina on a whim. It was just a way to break out of a rut. I never thought that I would even get a reply. My plan was to brush up on my resume writing skills and ease into trying to get a new job slowly. I decided to apply for a job that was out of reach to me. It was far away, required training I barely had and required experience I did not have. It was also a big vertical move. Well, now we’re moving to The District apartments in Asheville, North Carolina with me having a new job I never thought I would get.

The company is even paying our moving expenses including the services of a moving company that will pack our stuff, move it and unpack it when we get there. Most people take the bottom up approach. I have pretty much always done that too. The top down approach was just for me to break the rut of settling for the job I was in. I never even expected a reply from the company, let alone a call to schedule an interview. I tried to take the same approach in the interview as I did when I applied. I kept the nerves to a minimum, asked for what I wanted rather than accommodating them, and got the job. I explained politely how I was on a three day weekend and needed to fly down and back. They bought my plane ticket and paid for the hotel.

I got the job, and did not really know what to do. I was kind of in shock, so my wife got online and found The District apartments in Asheville. She took over and picked us a nice place to live. The place has a ceramic tile tub surround, an island kitchen, an attached garage and there is a resort style swimming pool on the grounds. I like my new job, my wife is free to pursue her writing career and we have a great apartment.