Jenna’s Dog is Finally Gone

Of course this is not just a dog to her, she has had it since she was a little girl and the two of them have always been nearly inseparable. She says her last boyfriend was jealous of the dog, but I never even thought it. I have had lots of dogs and been attached to nearly all of them. Now she is looking at a monuments dealer in Essex county NJ and she is talking about burying Rip out in the back yard in his favorite place to lay about. I have nothing against the theory, but this sort of makes it really difficult if you ever get the urge to find a new place to live. Continue reading Jenna’s Dog is Finally Gone

Canada Geese Can Be Unsanitary

I don’t mind birds at all. In fact, I think they can be very calming and peaceful. I love sitting on my deck in the mornings and listening to the various songs the birds sing to whoever is listening. My appreciation of them dwindled a bit last year though, at least for Canada geese. I own a small company that has three buildings on two acres of land. I ended up having to call a company out that handles Canada geese control in NJ and NY states. I did not want to hurt the birds, but they were becoming a problem for my business and I had to do something about it. Continue reading Canada Geese Can Be Unsanitary