Taking on the Roommate Challenge

Moving into the Boulevard 88 condo resulted in me having a roommate for the first time. I had been living by myself in my own room during my days as a child because I was an only child. When I was in college, I got a single room, while everyone else had double rooms with roommates. This was by choice, because I didn’t want to have to deal with any drama from a roommate. As I became an adult, I became more accepting to the idea of having a roommate, especially since I didn’t want to pay the cost of living in a place on my own. It’s better to split the cost with someone else.

I didn’t just room with anyone. Continue reading Taking on the Roommate Challenge

We Needed to Get the Customers Back

When I took over the management of a shopping complex, I was surprised at just how poorly managed it was. I knew that there were problems, otherwise, I would not have been offered the job I now have. Sales were down, and shop owners were frustrated and talking about relocating to a shopping complex that was managed better. I immediately had some great ideas, and my vision convinced the shop owners to stick around until some were implemented. The first thing I did was contact a mobile apps developer I had worked with in the past at other jobs.

I knew that one of the reasons this particular complex was failing was because it had not kept up with the times. Continue reading We Needed to Get the Customers Back