A Body Ready for the Beach

I wanted to lose weight before going on a trip with my friends, and decided that the best way to do it was by getting on a diet plan. I’ve heard some good things about the diet plans that exist today, but the two that seem to be the most favorable among people are the Jenny Craig and the Nutrisystem plans. When thinking about Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem Diet as a diet plan for me, I focused on food options and price. I only had so much money to put toward a diet, especially with the trip coming up.

Between the two, Nutrisystem was the cheaper option. The cost of their diet basically fell to the cost of the food, as opposed to Jenny Craig, which included the cost of food along with a membership, enrollment and shipping fees. Continue reading A Body Ready for the Beach

Helping Mom and Dad to Enjoy Life More After Dad’s Surgery

Mom insisted on helping Dad recover after his surgery. The doctors wanted him to go into a physical rehabilitation facility. She insisted that he come home. She worked out an agreement to take him to therapy every day if needed, but she wanted him home. That is what Dad really wanted too. He was afraid of being a burden that my mom could not handle, so he was relieved when she insisted he come home. Mom sure knows Dad! My wife and I made it easier for them both by hiring cleaning services in Singapore to keep up with the chores around the house.

Mom was hesitant at first. Then she was so appreciative for the help. Continue reading Helping Mom and Dad to Enjoy Life More After Dad’s Surgery