I Am Going Back to America

I am ready to go back to the states, right now I have been working with the landlord and doing the house cleaning for Singapore since I would really like to get the security deposit back before I go home. I have packed up all of my things and filled up a crate that I am going to ship to my mother’s place in Long Island. The rest of it is going to go to my new address in San Diego where the company wants me to relocate. I am going to have to be there right after Christmas, so I am going to go home and visit my parents. I have not seen them in almost three years and I want to do that while I have the chance. Of course they already have a bunch of the souvenirs that I have collected while I have been here.

The thing I really shall miss is not Singapore, even though I have had a lot of fun here and I have made a lot of friends. I really loved being able to go to Bali so easily. Continue reading I Am Going Back to America

Time and Manicures Heal All Wounds

One of my close friends had been having some trouble with her boyfriend. They would get into arguments over tiny things and one day, they just decided to break up. I never really liked her boyfriend in the first place, but my friend couldn’t see the faults that he had. Once they broke up, my friend was devastated. She couldn’t eat, sleep, or even breathe without wanting to cry. The only way to cheer her up was by taking her to get a Holland Village manicure. Getting manicures are her favorite thing to do because she feels at ease.

My friend was so depressed from the break up that she didn’t even want to get out of her house to get a manicure. Continue reading Time and Manicures Heal All Wounds

A Serious Spa That Does Beautiful Work

Thank goodness I found Orchard manicure and had them fix a problem I encountered at another salon down the street. I was supposed to get a manicure and they made a mess of the whole procedure. It looked so bad that I actually cried on the way home. Then the pain started up. Has anyone ever gotten pain from a manicure? Is that even normal? Maybe that happened when I was a dumb kid trying to give myself a manicure at home and it happened because I didn’t know what I was doing, but having this happen in a shop that specializes in it?

I really didn’t know what I was going to do. It hurt and I needed the problem fixed quickly because I had an important appointment where I needed to look my best. I wasn’t about to walk into a room full of important people wearing white gloves or something to hide this nightmare, so it was a must that I find a professional outfit who could fix the carnage and make me look nice again. Continue reading A Serious Spa That Does Beautiful Work

I’m Able to Deal with Things Better Because I Got Help

I had known for quite some time that I was suffering from stress. I was talking about this to my mother-in-law, and she told me that I should see the same Camas chiropractor who she goes to see. I reminded her that I don’t have severe back pain. She then pointed out that chiropractic help isn’t just for people who get to the point of severe pain. This kind of help can be proactive for those who don’t have severe troubles, too. It also helps people like me who have complained of tight, achy muscles all over our bodies because we are going through a stressful time in our lives.

My wife and I were busy with our careers for a long time, and at one point, we realized that we should have a child as we had planned many years earlier. We had put it off because we were so busy thinking about work all the time. We knew that we wanted to be parents, and we knew that we should not wait until my wife was in her forties. So, we had a child when she was 38 and I was 39. He was born with all sorts of disabilities. We love him dearly, but having a severely handicapped child can be a roller coaster of emotions and high stress.

My first visit to the chiropractor was very fruitful. I told her the background of how I had come to make an appointment with her. I told her about my son. I told her that I ache all the time and how that adds to my aggravation and stress levels. She gave me a back adjustment and did a lot of other things that helped me to feel better. She told me that I should come in once every week for an appointment. I am really happy that she did because it is working.