Recording and Documenting the Special Moments During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Rash PicturesWhen women find out that they are pregnant they become ecstatic and they wish to remember every part of their pregnancies. Being pregnant is a special time for a woman and feelings of nurturing and love for an unborn child grow throughout the entire pregnancy. Women can watch their bellies grow and they view sonograms that show their small infants inside of the womb. After a few months mothers will feel their babies kick and they will prepare for the birth of their child.

Because of the special nature of pregnancy, many women wish to journal and record the special moments so they can be looked at later. One of the best ways to document a pregnancy is to video tape special moments. A small video recorder can be used and these items are quite inexpensive. Digital recordings can be made by spouses and they can be downloaded on to computers. Moments that include the growth of the stomach, the decoration of nurseries, and the moment that the baby’s sex is found out should all be recorded. Special family moments and baby showers are great to have on film as well.

Some mothers like to record maternity moments by writing journal entries as well. Continue reading Recording and Documenting the Special Moments During Your Pregnancy

An Older Woman’s Pregnancy Experience

I was very shocked to discover at the age of 40 that I was pregnant. I was told repeatedly that it was not something that I would ever experience without assistance and I had accepted that fact and moved on. Subsequently, when I was feeling off color over Christmas in 2010 I did not give it a lot of thought and put it down to minor gastro flu or some such thing.

There was no full blown vomitting or morning sickness, just a feeling of low-grade nausea that couldn’t be attributed to anything. I don’t really know why I decided to do a preganancy test on January 2 – maybe deep down I already knew but sure enough, 5 minutes later I was looking at 2 blue lines.

The feeling of shock was profound. I immediately told my husband and mother and the shock was quickly followed by fear. Continue reading An Older Woman’s Pregnancy Experience