Copy-writing is an Essential Part of an Advertising Firm

I’ve been working for an advertising agency for two years now. I started out as the receptionist and my boss recognized my potential and made me part of a team to learn the ropes of the business. She has taken a personal interest in me and is now mentoring me. Along with this added responsibility comes a bit of an increase in my wages which sure does help. My new mentor approached me this morning and wants to enroll me in skillsfuture copywriting at a local school. I’m very flattered that she thinks I’m capable of learning new skills and becoming a contributing member of the team.

The only thing that worried me a little was that I don’t know anything about this course she wants me to take. But I will take a leap of faith and give it my all. Before taking the course I wanted to read up on it a bit to see what I was getting myself into. During my lunch break, I found the school online and started looking over the section on copywriting. It was very interesting to say the least. I had no idea how much getting a certificate in copywriting could be a vital part of the company I work for.

The course will be completed in a total of 12 hours which is divided up into four different sessions. They will teach us the essentials of copywriting, brand awareness and targetting copy to fit your audience just to name a few. It all seems intriguing and interesting and I think I will enjoy this learning opportunity. Classes start January 8 and will end on February 5 of 2018. My boss is going to take care of the resigtration application and all fees associated with the course. I’m going into this with an open mind and plan on learning as much as I can.