Choosing an Apartment Closer to Work

I have been trying to find an apartment in Colorado Springs for a while now. I think I have finally hit the jackpot. An apartment community that is in one of the more desirable communities is accepting applications right now. I went on their website, and it told me to click here to apply. I immediately filled out an application, because I’ve been looking for an apartment like this for a while. I can picture myself living here for many different reasons, and I really hope that I can move in soon.

There is a play structure for kids at this location. Moving to this apartment would mean that when my nieces and nephews come over, I wouldn’t have to drive them over to a playground. They could simply play at the playground located within the apartment community. This would make things a lot more convenient for me. There is also a lot of lush grass surrounding the property. I can picture the kids running around and playing tag in the sprawling space. This apartment seems to be very inviting for people with children.

The area around the apartment is very nice as well. It’s close to major roads and highways, which means that it would not take me very long to get to work in the morning. Right now, my commute is very long, which is another reason why I’m hoping to move to this place. Rather than spending an hour in traffic every day, I would be able to cut my commute a half. That’s a huge deal to me, because as I’m driving, I constantly think of all the other things that I could be doing at that moment. Not only is the apartment located closer to work, but it’s located near shopping, so taking care of this type of business would be easier as well.