Capella Has a Lot of Perks That I Enjoy

I have lived in two apartments in my life. Neither one of them was very nice, so that is why I decided to look for a renal house in or close to Oceanside. I knew that a house would require a lot more work from me since I would be responsible for my own minor repairs and lawn care, but at least I would not be living in a building that looked like it was going to come tumbling down. I changed my mind when I click here on an advertisement I saw for affordable and nice apartments in the city though.

I was not convinced just by looking at the ad though. I went to the website to look at the apartment complex. I knew that there were nice apartments in the city, but I really did not think that I would be able to afford one of them. I am not poor nor do I live week to week, but I am not wealthy either. I make a comfortable living, but I still assumed that these apartments would be out of my price range. I am so glad that I clicked on that link though because it changed my mind within minutes.

I now have a one bedroom apartment that costs about the same as the house rental I was looking at. I get so much more with the apartment though. First, it is pretty modern. I don’t worry about the structure itself because of how new it is. Also, I get things like the use of a large swimming pool, a clubhouse, a fitness center and more that I would not have at the rental house. The apartment is really nice too, and I am just happy that I live here because it has a lot of perks that I enjoy.