Atlanta Already Feels Like Home to Us

I wanted to find a nice apartment to live in, but I knew next to nothing about Atlanta. My husband was informed that he would be transferred there if he wanted to take advantage of a newly created position at his company’s headquarters, so it was a pretty hard offer to turn down. I saw a couple of ads that said to click here for the best apartments in the area, so I did. As it turned out, I really did find a great place for us to live.

The Encore is in the heart of the city, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Though it is just my husband and myself, I still wanted us to have two bedrooms. My husband is in the habit of bringing work with home a lot, and I figured that with more responsibilities, he would bring home even more work. That is why this apartment that I found for us is so perfect. My husband actually likes working, so he doesn’t care if he comes home and puts in a couple of more hours, or has to work on his days off. We converted the second bedroom into his home office, and it has worked out really great for us.

The rooms are large and spacious, and he has his own private bathroom for his office. It is completely separate from our home life, which is just how I wanted it to be. While he is busy working, I usually go down to the pool or will use that time to work out. I can do all of that and so much more right here at the apartment complex, and it is just really nice for both of us. We have only been here a few months, but Atlanta already feels like home to both of us.