An Apartment for the Three of Us

My husband loves to golf, so his only request when I started looking at apartments in South End Charlotte NC was to find one that is relatively close to a golf course. Since there are several in the area, I did a search on the golf courses first, because I wanted to make sure we got close to one that is highly regarded by local golfers. There were a lot of great comments about Renaissance Golf Course, so I looked in that general area for an apartment for the two of us and our teen son.

I was not worried about the schooling there, because our son is home schooled. We already knew that he was going to be in the best place to get an education, which is our very own apartment. He has taken an interest in golf as well, so I thought it would be fun for my husband to teach him more than the basics since the apartment complex I ended up picking out is right next to the golf course. You just cannot get much closer than that! I looked at the floor plans for the two bedroom units, and I found one that could have been custom made for us.

It is all on one level, and it is spread out. It is the biggest two bedroom unit available there. I like it because the bedrooms are on opposite sides of the apartment. My husband and I have a bedroom on on side. To get to our son’s bedroom, you have to walk through the dining room, past the hall to the living room, then down the hallway by the second bath and laundry room before you even get to his room. That gives all of us the privacy that we need, especially him since he is nearly 16 years old.